Does Pressure Washing Damage Your House?- Answering Homeowners’ Questions

Does My Home Need Pressure Washing?

This method is a marvelous way to remove the most stubborn dirt from exterior areas of any home, from patios and walkways to siding and roofing. However, homeowners often find themselves wondering precisely what pressure actually does to a home.

Will Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

The question on many people’s minds is whether the technique will damage an actual structure over time – not just soil it. There’s no easy answer, as damages depend on varied factors such as frequency of cleaning and use of chemicals that may be abrasive or acidic in nature. Repeated washes can wear away tiny chips in the hard wooden plank softening them with every spray. But softening your porch with wax – there’s nothing wrong with that!

Exterior wood areas are protected against harsh weather conditions with a few coats of paint or stain. Sure, that’s fine for most exterior surfaces but what happens when it gets worn off by constant exposure to sunlight and rain? With just a little bit of rinsing, you can make sure that your windows and doors are free of any impurities.

The Solution: Soft Washing

Soft rinsing is a technique that has been known to be the most suitable type of cleaning for delicate surfaces. It is done on exterior wooden surfaces often, as it minimizes damage and wear to the surface. The technique can also be used on other exterior surfaces such as patios, fences, roofs, fences, and decks.

The technique is easy. It’s just using water force with little or no soap needed. These types of washes are not only suitable for delicate skin but soft enough to use on surfaces that are soft like wood or metal.

Soft rinsing is the safest way to clean your home, especially if you want to keep it in pristine condition. It doesn’t remove paint or discolor surfaces like the high-force method used on rough areas such as brick or concrete. It’s also not suitable for roofs and walls but is perfect for windows and doors, decks, patios, fencing, and siding.

Should I DIY Pressure Washing?

It’s important to hire a professional to clean your house because of the wear and tear it could have on your home. The average homeowner may not be familiar with the appropriate amount of PSI to use. If you are inexperienced, the wrong amount of pressure could destroy your home’s exterior.

A professional can also make sure that there isn’t too much waterforce being used either. Too much water could warp or crack wooden parts on your house. It can cause unsightly stains to be left behind as well. The best bet is never to try the task on your own home, no matter how little experience you have with it. Chesapeake Brothers Power Washing is the best company for the job! 

What are the benefits of pressure washing your home? Find out in the next article!